Chill Playlist

I created this playlist after listening to Cashmere Cat’s newest album, 9– which I love! The songs on the album are so different from the everyday music. 9 features artists such as Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla $ign, and Khalid and well… as you can see… I love the way the songs they are featured on were orchestrated to tailor to their individual musical styles.

I originally intended this playlist to be one I fall asleep to, but sometime’s I’ll use it as a cool down playlist after a workout or something to play while I study.





  1. […] Music can actually alter your brain wave speed, allowing you to fall into a meditative state. Music can also reduce the intensity of pain, increase happiness, increase motivation, and provide stress relief. This isn’t necessarily specific to genre either, so whatever music you enjoy should do the trick! Here’s the playlist I choose to wind down to. […]


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